About Kyle Place

All about me... Kyle Place

Who is Kyle Place?


I'm Kyle Place, Your friendly SEO Specialist who works at Wix.com. But you already know that, so here is a little about my background:

  • BA Degree in Economics (with a minor in history)

  • Data Analytics boot camp graduate

Continuous learning in endless topics including but not limited to:

  1. SEO

  2. HTML

  3. CSS

  4. Excel

  5. Statistics

  6. PPC

and completely unrelated to SEO I listen to podcasts and read constantly on subjects related to history, philosophy, economics and psychology.

Where have I worked?

Before getting into SEO lived and worked in South Korea teaching English in a private school and it was a blast.

I started my career in SEO as a freelance content writer. I wrote for local SEO clients primarily for one agency. I did this very part-time for about 2+ years.

Local SEO


Eventually, I became a full-blown SEO  and worked for this same agency doing EVERYTHING for our NYC-based clients.


I learned to build and maintain WordPress websites, internal linking strategies, GMB profiles, keyword and competitor research, and many parts of technical SEO.

Agency SEO

I was then hired by Angora Media one of the top SEO agencies in Israel. It was started by Pavel, the owner of askpavel.co.il, the largest source for news on SEO and digital marketing in Hebrew.

It was here that I had exposure to some of the top start-ups and SaaS companies in Israel, and worked on large and small SEO campaigns. 

In-house SEO

Currently, I have the privilege to be working on some of the amazing work that Wix is doing as a member of their SEO Content team.

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