4 Of My Favorite Technical SEO Games

Updated: Mar 2

Nobody Ever: "I really want to play some SEO games!"

Me: "Here are my favorite Technical SEO Games to brush up on SEO skills"

1. "SEO Matrix"


SEO Matrix requires deep technical SEO skills. (for example you have to navigate around the source code and robots.txt to pass each level.)

2. "The Search"


The Search is a more relaxed "Pokemon" style game with an interactive UI. BE prepared for some tough SEO questions along the way though.

3. "Hidden Keywords"


Hidden Keywords is another SEO game that requires technical knowledge. Take your time, look over everything and find all the clues to win

4. "SEO Pirates"


SEO Pirates is a third one on this list that requires knowledge of technical SEO and front end web design. Test yourself and see if you can make it until the end

How many can you beat?

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