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Why Is Wix So Slow? ( +Tips To Speed It Up in 2023)

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Is your Wix website feeling like a slow tortoise in the digital race, causing potential visitors to turn away and affecting your search engine ranking? In today's fast-paced digital landscape, website speed is paramount. Fortunately, Wix, a popular website builder, has taken significant strides to enhance website speed. In this article, we'll explore the reasons behind why your is Wix website might be slow and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to improve your website's speed, highlighting why website speed matters and how Wix has improved to help you accelerate your site's performance.

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The Importance of Website Speed

In a world where time is of the essence, website speed plays a crucial role. Visitors expect seamless and swift interactions with your site. Slow-loading websites not only frustrate users but can also negatively impact your online presence. Research has shown that 53% of mobile users leave pages that take longer than three seconds to load. To ensure your website thrives, it's essential to prioritize speed.

Diagnosing the Sluggishness

Before diving into optimization techniques, it's crucial to diagnose the issue. You can use Google's Page Speed Insights tool or check your page speed in Wix Analytics. These tools provide insights into why your Wix site might be slow, offering valuable information for advanced users while also giving you a quick speed assessment.

Wix website passing core web vitals on Page Speed Insights site speed

Understanding Wix's Common Speed Issues

Wix websites used to have the reputation for slow loading speeds, But the Wix performance team has made leaps and bounds in terms of website performance but it's still essential to understand the root causes.

Measuring Wix Website Speed:

  • To determine if your Wix website is slow, use tools like the Wix speed test or Google's Page Speed Insights. Google recommends loading times under two seconds. If your site exceeds this threshold, it's considered slow.

wix website spead measured inside the wix dashboard
Wix speed dashboard

Why your Wix website might be slow

Not all Wix sites are sluggish, the number 1 reason for a slow Wix website is because of heavy images and media. But it's crucial to identify and address the issues if you're experiencing delays. The most common issues for slow website speed include:

  1. Oversized images (images should be less than 120kb)

  2. Autoplay Videos high on the page

  3. Heavy Gifs

  4. Older templates

  5. Too many fonts

  6. Heavy Javascript (or Velo) use

Top Tips to Boost Wix Website Speed

1. Compress Images:

  • Maintain image quality while reducing file size by compressing images before uploading. This simple step can save valuable loading time. Use JPEGs over PNGs: JPEG images are naturally optimized for websites and load faster compared to PNG files.

(Fun Fact: Wix automatically will implement lazy loading and compress images when they are uploaded. But it is still a good idea to compress them yourself before uploading. It very easy with a tool like

2. Handle Videos Wisely:

  • Rather than uploading videos directly to your Wix site, host them on third-party platforms like YouTube and embed them. This approach reduces the burden on your website's servers. Avoid autoplay for videos to prevent unnecessary loading delays.

3. Limit GIFs:

  • Animated GIFs can be captivating and fun, but they are large files that hinder loading times. Minimize their use, especially on critical pages. If you must use them then try to put them towards the end of the page.

4. Reduce the number Third-Party Apps:

  • Excessive third-party apps can weigh down your site. Evaluate the necessity of each app, removing any that are superfluous. Opt for Wix apps whenever possible, as they are optimized for the platform.

5. Font Optimization

  • Avoid using a too many fonts; stick to one or two types of fonts. Additionally, reduce the number of font animations.

wix editor font animations
Font Animations

6. Simplify the Homepage:

  • Your homepage sets the first impression. Keep it clean with a design and layout optimized for speed, especially on mobile devices.

Additional Tips and Tricks:

1. Upgrade Your Plan:

  • Invest in a plan that offers more storage and bandwidth for improved performance. Free plans may not deliver the speed you desire.

2. Mobile Optimization:

  • Focus on optimizing your site for mobile users, as they constitute a significant portion of your audience. Streamline pages for mobile, reducing images and keeping the design simple.

3. Enable Caching:

  • Caching creates temporary storage, reducing loading times for returning visitors. Ensure caching is enabled to speed up your Wix website.

how to goggle cache on in the wix editor
Manually control cache


Your Wix website's speed plays a vital role in user experience and search engine rankings. By following these tips, you can identify and address the factors contributing to slow loading times. Speed matters in the digital world, and optimizing your Wix website is essential for success.

Remember, a faster website not only pleases visitors but also search engines, ensuring your online presence thrives. Speed up your Wix website and keep visitors engaged and happy.

Wix Website Speed FAQ

1. How can I speed up my Wix website?

  • Limit the use of third-party apps.

  • Reduce visual effects and animations.

  • Prioritize text content over images.

  • Implement lazy loading for media.

  • Compress images before uploading.

2. Is Wix slower than WordPress?

No, in fact Wix has 69% more user sites passing core web vitals when compared to WordPress.

Graph comparing of Core Web Vitals of Wix and other website builders
Graph of Core Web Vitals over time

3. Is Wix slower than Weebly?

No, in fact Wix has 31% more user sites passing core web vitals when compared to Weebly.

4. Is Wix slower than Squarespace?

No, in fact Wix has 40% more user sites passing core web vitals when compared to Squarespace.

Table comparing of Core Web Vitals of Wix and other website builders
Core Web VItals of different Web Technologies

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